Congratulations on Completing the Utah Cutthroat Slam!

Thank you and congratulations to these incredible anglers for completing the Utah Cutthroat Slam!

Official Recognition

Each angler that completes the Utah Cutthroat Slam will receive a certificate of completion, a Cutthroat Slam medallion, bragging rights and official recognition here on the official Utah Cutthroat Slam site, along with the appreciation of Trout Unlimited, the Utah Division of Natural Resources and anglers across the state for supporting efforts to protect our native cutthroat trout.

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Photo by USFWS Mountain Prairie, reflect colors enhanced / CC BY

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The Utah Cutthroat Slam is a challenge and an adventure. Visit incredible waters to see what trout fishing in Utah was like way back then. Help Trout Unlimited and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources restore and protect Utah’s incredible trout legacy and have fun along the way.

Support our native cutthroat.

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